Labor Relations, Issues and Crisis Management

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Project Description

Labor Relations, Issues and Crisis Management

Managing an issue and supporting a client in the midst of a crisis is a hallmark practice area and unique skill that SeyferthPR has been recognized for over the years through countless award programs and by more than 30 Midwest law firms. Effective Labor Relations, Issues, and Crisis Management ensures having the right skills to identify the issues, build confidence within the constituencies and remain calm so that a solid four-step communication process can be a bridge to a solution, while the issue is managed through. SeyferthPR has led the industry in crisis, labor, and issues management with our impeccable research skills and deep media and community relationships. The firm has experience in just about every area of corporate crisis including:

• food borne illness
• product recalls
• executive departures
• company takeovers
• workplace robberies
• worksite injuries and deaths
• diversity issues
• sexual harassment and misconduct
• labor relations, unrest and strikes
• environmental disasters
• overwhelming rumor control

We provide social media management and on-site media training along with a proven and unique 24-7, 365 days a year on-call support system.