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Let’s Cultivate the Holiday Spirit Year-Round

2016-12-20T19:15:51+00:00 Categories: Newsroom|

Photos: Courtesy to Emily Zoladz Photography Who doesn’t love that warm fuzzy feeling around the holidays? That feeling where you’re nice to people before you’ve had your morning coffee. That feeling of hope, peace and joy, despite what may be going on in the world; holiday-colored glasses that last from November until New Year’s [...]

The Pokémon Go craze: Creating conversations

2016-11-01T14:14:53+00:00 Categories: Newsroom|

My work week started with a question, both to myself and my Facebook page: “It’s normal for a 34-year-old man to walk into work downtown and think, ‘I bet there’s Pokémon everywhere,’ right? Asking for a friend.” Like millions of others, I had downloaded the Pokémon Go app over the weekend, out of curiosity. What had [...]

I’m not Sorry, Chicago.

2016-11-01T14:14:53+00:00 Categories: Our Stories|

You’re probably thinking, “What did Chicago ever do to you, Charlotte?” Nothing, really. But let me explain. Chicago is home to countless millennials who center their attention on working and living in downtown Chicago after college. There are endless tourist attractions, sporting events, 5-star restaurants, bars, and clothing stores that together, create a city that [...]

Changing the Message on Foster Care and Adoption – from one very blessed family

2016-11-01T14:14:53+00:00 Categories: Our Stories|

NOVEMBER is Michigan Adoption Month and TODAY, November 24, is Michigan Adoption Day!  It is held each year on or around the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Governor Snyder proclaimed November to be Michigan Adoption Month in the hopes of drawing attention to the needs of foster children to be placed in a “forever home.” To be completely [...]